Work and Chill

Date: 01.02.2024
Position: Ditsowou Lodge, Bambú
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 6325 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Reunited again

After three days of Expi, we finally came all together to a house of the Bribris yesterday. Despite the fact that some people wanted the Expi to continue for longer, everyone was still glad to see the others again and tell them stories and adventures of the past three days.

All the groups arrived over the day, with my group (Luis, Julius, Aurelius, Jule, Adrian, Stella, Johanna, and me) being the first ones (of course), arriving in early noon. After we spent the day well, for example, by walking to a supermarket distanced five kilometres away we and all the other people fell asleep tired of the last days very early in the evening.

Hard work

The next morning, we awoke at around 08:00 to have breakfast. We still didn’t know anything about what we would experience today as we weren’t told the day before. Thus, we didn’t expect anything.

This changed after breakfast where there was the announcement that we would split up into four groups, with each of the groups taking care of a typical task of the Bríbrís.

One group collected the trash which accumulated in the forest surrounding the house, one group helped remove dirt from the driveway leading to the house and one group removed a small wooden house.

My group had the task to collect sand next to the riverbed and carry it all the way from the river to the driveway in front of the building to fill up some sinkholes. This took a very long time and was very tiring and thus we were a bit exhausted in the afternoon.

Chill time

The plan for the afternoon was to switch up the tasks of the groups, still keeping the groups the same. This changed though after the teachers saw that we were exhausted as a lot of people just lay down and slept.

So, instead of having more hours of work, we decided to have a chilled afternoon with everyone staying at the house and just talking to each other or sleeping or doing other things.

After dinner we met the leader of the Bribris and he finally told us what the plan was for the next days. I won’t spoil too much because I think the daily reports of the next days will cover all of our experiences.

After that, most people decided to sleep as we still were completely done after the day and we wanted to load up on energy for the next day.

Greetings: Leopold: Liebe Grüße an alle! Ich vermisse euch!

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