Games, High Seas and special evenings

Date: 25.02.2024
Position: Marina Hemingway, Cuba
Etmal: 0 nm
Total: 7382 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Evenings on a “normal day”

If you see that we have a voyage of six months you might think that we have a lot of time. But most of the time is filled with activities like being on watch, having school or going to some educational institutions (at last we are a school ship).

Schüler:innen vor Schulschiff Regina Maris

So, there is not that much free time. Mostly the free time is in the evening which is also the time a lot people like the most. When we have a “normal” day at sea the tables are filled with people who are playing games like Monopoly, Watten or other card games.

But I would say the really great evenings are on shore or at anchor. (Editor‘s note: teachers might have a slightly different opinion about this…).

Evenings on shore

When we are on shore we have a lot more options to figure out a good plan. At this point it is really good that we can plan with the teachers so that everybody likes the plan.

Our teachers are also very open for suggestions from our side. Also, something that we are doing quite well is the spontaneity with which we are planning.

When the teachers had a plan and they see that we don’t like the plan that much they often crash it completely and do different things so we can have a great time. They are literally making the impossible possible.

Meeting High Seas High School

Today, we also met the people from High Seas, another organisation like Ocean College. Some days ago we already met some other people of them and showed them our ship.

And yesterday, the others of them came and we had a great barbecue and showed them also our ship and talked to them. Also, in comparison to them we really can decide a lot on our own.

Also, our rules are not that strict so for us more things like hitchhiking are possible which helped us really and we all had fun.

So, our evenings are every time planned that everyone is happy because everyone could decide what to do.

Short summary of yesterday:

In the morning and for lunch we stayed on the ship to make everything seatight and ready for the Ocean. In the afternoon we prepared everything for the people from High Seas High School who came in the late afternoon and we had a lot of fun during the evening.

The day was a really good example for a great evening where we planned really a lot of it.

Greetings: Adrian: Viele Grüße an meine Familie
Lenara: 🎉Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag nach Leipzig.🎉

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