What was and what is

Datum: 24.02.2024
Position: San Blas Islands
Geographische Position: 933,0012 N 07857,0718W
Etmal: 42 nm
Total: 6610 nm
Schiff: Pelican of London

Half of our journey is over now, I believe it’s time for an update from me. This journey is just half so interesting then the one last year if we talk about that stuff. But there is also some stuff gossip girl would like to share with you. They now know each other very well, so some things are very obvious but for other things you need an eye for details.

Before the journey

Everything began even before the journey begun. At the Oktoberfest. A few of them met there for the very first time and how it always is when teenagers meet teenagers, two of them thought they saw their big love for the first time. Ok, that is a bit too much but what we can say for sure is that 39 started crushing on 17 and 42 on 16.

Both couples didn’t work out so there is not really much more to talk about. 39 didn’t even text her because she was to scared and 42 got sent in the friendzone when he told her that he loves her in Sharpness.

Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are always difficult but if one is traveling alone around the world and without a phone someone’s to sure, there are save when there are not. So the first breakup happened in Tenerife even if it was already clear in Lissabon. Not everyone was surprised because they already thought that this would happen in Sharpness when 22 told everyone he doesn’t believe in this relationship and started spending a lot of time with 46.

But 46 is also in a long distance relationship and so she wasn’t to have for more than a friendship. Surprise this friendship didn’t hold that long. But these two are not the only ones who started the journey with a long distance relationship. 21, 23 and also 31 are missing their boyfriends too.

One of the relationships is very young maybe that is the reason for all the struggles 21 is going through right now?! And it doesn’t help when your bff tells you he is arrogant and not polite to everyone. But she has to enjoy her journey so she will not tell you anything more.

23 is in a difficult situation as well. Her boyfriend acts a little weird. He doesn’t tell her much from home even if she ask. And there is another problem: she starts to think about other boys. But who are you that you make a cut from 9.400km away after an over a year long relationship?

But maybe number 23 should think about it because a week ago she was spotted with 27 under the rip laying next to each other very close. Where everyone thought the friendship between them was over after not speaking to each other for over a month. Oh, and before I forgot: 38 told 23 that he likes her very, very much. A bit more than is maybe good for 23 especially if we remember that the two are also good friends with: 29.

Rumors say that 29 also started to crush on 23. Or can we just talk from a little crush if she always wraps her arms around her?! So it seems like there is a lot going on around number 23. The only one with no problem‘s seams to be 31 maybe because relationships out of best friendship are the best?!

Relationships on board

Would you start a relationship on board where privacy is a fallen word? I can tell you a secret: I wouldn’t. But 36 & 33, 30 & 39 and 43 & 18 did it. And their favorite spot are like last year the foc’sle or the place between mizzenmast and wheelhouse.

23 was shocked when she walked in on 36 and 33 in Marokko. But they managed to keep it a secret until new year even if they often got questioned. Now they started looking for houses and planning their future. But will they survive the long distance from 700 km after being together 24/7 for 4 Months? Because since it’s unofficially official it’s a surprise when you spot one of them alone. And what is with 30 and 39 will they survive their distance from 300 km after Ocean College?

Or will they turn back to bffs because they are not the type of people for long distance relationships? Questions wich only the future can answer. 43 got on my radar a long time ago because he spent a lot of time with 19. But this doesn’t work out. He now seems to be very happy with 18. They tried to let people think it was only a good friendship but since Costa Rica rumor started spreading and soon almost everyone knew.

Situation ships

Not everyone is a fan from giving everything a title but you also can’t say that there is nothing between them. Some would say that 14 and 15 are in that situation. But that’s up to them to decide or is it? If you ask nearly everyone on the Pelli its clear. For them they are the it couple. But can you say its a situationship when you come every evening to say goodnight? 22 and 29 would say for sure it isn’t more.

And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. 💋

XOXO gossip girl

P.S.: It looks like they arrived at San Blas islands today. They anchored in the morning in front of the immigration island and went for a swim from board. After lunch they all went on the island because they were told that they have to show their faces for declaration.

During waiting they went swimming again and they snorkeled for their first time. They spotted a lot of beautiful fish and saw a reef. I spotted a few of my favorite couples in the water.

After 3,5h of nothing but waiting and swimming the captain went out of the office again and told everyone they can go back to the ship. It took so long because when you believe the rumor there was a mistake in a document. It seems like the luck is with them again…

Back on board they lifted the anchor and changed the anchor spot for the night.

Short after dinner they got the gorgeous message that there are allowed to sleep outside in there hammock to night. Overall it seems like it was a very good day!!

P.S. von Greta: Alles Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag, Manfred! Ich hoffe du hattest einen schönen Tag und hoffentlich gutes Wetter (?) Liebe Grüße auch an Verena und Erwin, von Grega

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