How, where and what does the takeover Medic do all day?

Date: 11.04.2024
Geographical Position: 44°43.9′ N 018°35.9′ W
Etmal: 182 nm
Total: 11178 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

About the position

The position as Medic during the takeover was given to the people who successfully passed the application process, which had two stages. Step one: The written application, where the first candidates were filtered out. And the second step: The interview with the crew and teachers, where the final decision was made who gets the position as Medic during the takeover.

In this case the teachers and crew decided that Aurelia, Luisa, Anna and myself (Joshua) would take over this position. Aurelia and I for the first six days and Luisa and Anna the second six days. During this time, the Medic of the takeover has the same responsibility and tasks that the real Medic.

This means, we need to take care of all the sick people and to supervise or check the hygiene in several sectors of the life on board. To be more exact: The galley and the heads and showers are the main areas where hygiene is of utmost importance.

Schülerin der Galley

The work of a Medic

If bacteria spreads in those areas on board, in the worst case, there is a high risk that the whole ship could get infected with it, which, in return, would lead to the life on board skirting to a hold. No one could steer, set sails or do navigation work which would be pretty bad.

In addition to this, like I already said in the beginning, the Medics are also responsible for taking care of all sick and/or injured crew on board. In this case this mainly means diagnosing the illness a person has together with Christian (the real medic). We need to decide what actions to take, like writing a sick note oder taking special care of the person. This was often the case in the last few days, because we had and are having a wave of colds, sea sickness and diarrhea running through the ship.

As as a Medic you are on watch 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is not unusual to be woken up at 04:00 to decide if someone is sick or sick enough to not go on watch. Another thing you do as a Medic is take care of smaller or larger cuts, burns and bruises (especially with our  “Hobbyexperten” Group). The rest of the time the Medic has got no real job so he or she just relaxes in the messroom or wheelhouse, reads, does work for school or creates wild sailing theories.

P.S.: Jule: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Mama 🙂 🥳 Ich hoffe, ihr feiert schön!

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