The Magic of the Atlantic

Ship: Pelican of London
Date: 15.01.2024
Position: Saint Martin
Geographical Position: 18°04’8 N 063°05’6 W
Etmal: 115 NM
Total: 5087 NM

For many of you, the Atlantic may just be an ocean. But for us, it is so much more. We spent 15 days on our Atlantic crossing with nothing but water on the horizon. That probably sounds boring, but because you always had something to do, it wasn’t.


Every day, we spent four hours on the bridge doing our watch. But, of course, there are some overmotivated people who have done up to eight hours of watch a day.

Some students say the day watches were better, and others liked the night watches more. Both had their advantages, and there was always some good music.

student at the helm

In daytime, you had two times the golden hour to look at, and you are way more awake than when it was dark. At night, the sky was really clear and always covered with so many stars (we even saw shooting stars), and some experts even said you could see another galaxy.


We saw so many different animals on the Atlantic.

A few times there were lots of dolphins swimming with us and we saw even more whales. If you saw them in the water, they were about to breathe and especially Tamsin tried to catch it on video.

Flying fish

Of course, we saw flying fishes every day, and you also had the chance to dissect some of those who flew on board. That was really interesting. And even if you can’t imagine, we saw a few birds too. They followed us for a while, and then they were gone again.

Whales on the Atlantic

Special Events

During the last two weeks, the teachers and the professional crew did a lot of things so the Atlantic crossing won’t become boring.

Atlantic Ball

It all started with a little New Year’s Eve Snack and ringing into the new year. In the middle of the Atlantic, we had a little ball with lots of music and good food. We also had our Fish baptism at the end of the crossing, which wasn’t nice at all.

Arrival in Saint Martin

Today we ended our Atlantic crossing in Saint Martin. Everybody was excited when they first saw land in the morning.

At two pm, we anchored in Marigot Bay. In the afternoon, we had some free time and if you wanted to climb, you could help with harbor stows with the sails.

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