The first three weeks on board

Date: 11th November 2023
Position: Roscoff, Harbour
Etmal: 0
Total: 463nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Three weeks ago we all came on board of the Regina Maris. We were quite nervous to finally meet each other in person. And now, three weeks later, almost everything is normal. At least for me. But I would lie if I say my life hasn’t changed. We have scheduled times to eat, to sleep and even to clean.

Where did the food go?

In three weeks, a lot of food was eaten. We already did an inventory one week ago. But no one cared to write down what was taken out. Because we chose the hard way and spread the food everywhere in the benches of the messroom, we needed volunteers to look through it. I was one of them and had the lovely work to correct the list of one of our benches. Also, our dry storage had to be updated. It sounds easier than it is. But if you are a small person, you can just crawl into the shelf. Just be careful that you manage to get out again!

Schüler*innen sortieren das Essen in den Bänken der Messe.

Chaos on deck

When I made my way out of the dry storage, it looked like a hurricane swept over the deck. We were the hurricane. On the last three Sundays, we had missed cleaning the galley. So it was our job to clean it today. However, we can‘t just put things on the kitchen table like we’re used to at home. We put everything we had in the galley on deck. The deck was total chaos and it felt like you needed to go through a labyrinth. You can’t imagine how many things have a place in our tiny galley. I think we have more stuff in there than in my kitchen at home…

Free shore leave

All the good things are three. We have been on board for three weeks, so we had our third city to explore during free shore leave. In the afternoon, we had the chance to go on shore and explore the city of Roscoff. We were all bewildered my the fact that our cook has wanted to go to Roscoff all his life.

But now we know. Roscoff is a beautiful harbor city with charm. My group and I had some difficulties in the beginning because we just wanted to go to a grocery store. But we ended up in the shopping mile of Roscoff.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to visit all the beautiful small stores. So we just could browsed through the windows and made plans for the next holidays. I’m sorry for my family, but the next holiday destination is Roscoff.

Die Regina Maris vor einem Kreuzfahrtschiff im Haven von Roscoff


Franka: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag an Elisa, meine Dancing Queen, Ben-and-Jerrys-Liebhaberin und einfach krasse beste Freundin <3

Isabel: Liebe Grüße an Miri, Lau, Marie, Mila und Jojo. Ich hoffe, ihr feiert bei den Winterbällen für mich mit:)

Andrea: a mini Familie: Ich ha kei Plan wenn d’Herbstmäss startet. Aber ässet bitte au für mi e paar Magebrot <3

The first day on Regina Maris

Date: 22 October 2023
Position: Amsterdam, Harbour
Geographical Position: Harbour, Amsterdam
Etmal: 0

The first morning

The first night and watches are over. Some slept very well, but those who slept under the windows got wet because of the condensation water. Welcome on a sailing boat! 🙂 You even get wet in your own bed.

We were having breakfast when suddenly the alarm started. We left our stuff where it was and went outside, but we all stayed calm because we guessed it was just for training (the teachers and the crew stayed calm too and thus gave it all away). We gathered in front of the ship and checked if everyone from the student crew is there. We counted from 1 to 36. And yes, this took a while. We needed about 4 tries until we got it in order and everyone had a number. We will keep the number we got for the rest of our journey.

Sails – the sausages of the mast

Because we are on a sailing ship, we need the sails. There were none on the mast, but where were they? They were stored in rolls in the front and back of the Regina Maris. To label them, we carried the sails to the port and unfolded them. It looked quite funny with all the triangles of sails on the floor. When we or the sailing crew knew which sails are which, we rolled them back up into „sausages.“ The sausages were carried back on the ship because we need them for leaving Amsterdam and hopefully coming back too. 🙂

Special guests

From 10 a.m., the gangway was open for the crew of the Pelican of London. The Pelican couldn’t make it to Amsterdam due to an engine problem. We welcomed the excited students and their families. We gave them room tours through the Regina Maris. Because we were busy with seamanship, the crew and even the captain gave some tours by himself.

Seamanship and training

The sausages now wanted to be put up and not just left on the floor. Once the sails were put into the right places, we needed to attach them so they wouldn’t be blown away by the wind. We were almost finished when we realized that our rope was too short. But what could we do? We couldn’t just leave it unfinished. Our lovely tutor gave us the simple answer: Open it again and redo it. We exchanged the ropes, and now, like a wonder, it worked out perfectly and we had enough rope for the whole attachment. But we had a lot of fun and even heard Christmas songs already.

When the bus for the Pelican left at 4 p.m., it wasn’t free time. We trained our numbers and again, it took three tries. But in a few days, we will know all our numbers by heart. Because our departure from Amsterdam is in the next days, we need to practice our roping skills.

After a successful first day, we are all tired but happy and looking forward to what the next days might bring.


Julius: Happy Birthday Mama.

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