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Our Ship – The Pelican of London

Pelican of London

The ship for our Ocean College winter journey 2018/2019 from mid-October to mid-April is the Pelican of London. The Pelican is the only Mainmast Barquentine in the world, equipped and approved for worldwide travel with young people. Pelican complies with all current safety regulations and just underwent comprehensive renovations.

Her rig is based on ancient pirate ships called Xebec, the most successful pirate ships of the Mediterranean for two hundred years. Because of her rigging, the Pelican can sail over 20 degrees nearer the wind than any square rigger at sea.

Today, she is owned and run by the charity organization AdventureUnderSail, which has worked with youngsters for many years.

More information about the life on board can be found here.


Technical Specification:

Ship Type: Mainmast Barquentine (Xebec/Polacre) setting 11 sails

Total Length: 45.0M

Total width: 7.03M

Depth: 4.0M

Engine: 325hp (242kW) @ 2100 rpm

More specifications can be found here.


You can track the position of the Pelican below: