Our vision is to make learning experiential for our participants and to enable them to reach their full potential. Our values of trust, authenticity and solution orientation form the foundation of our work.

Johan Kegler

With Ocean College, Johan realizes his conviction that learning must above all happen practically. Johan has already accompanied the voyage himself twice as a teacher and project manager and therefore knows the route and life on the ship from his own experience. Since then, the potential of an educational concept on a traditional sailing ship has never left him. Johan is convinced that the classic school system no longer comes close to preparing students for the world of life and work in the 21st century.

Monika Aust

Monika Aust is a technical business administrator and is responsible for accounting and secretarial work at Ocean College.

She has been with Ocean College since the beginning and has always been enthusiastic about the idea of bringing young people closer to the world from a different perspective. She has traveled a lot in the world herself and knows that it is especially important for young people to gain experience in other countries.

Johanna Berg

Johanna Berg is a geographer and responsible for strategy and business development at Ocean College. Based on her childhood in Southeast Asia and her work in international cooperation, she believes that the most valuable gift we can give young people is travel. Learning about new cultures and moving out of our comfort zone shapes and teaches us more than any school ever can.

Franziska Müller

Franziska is responsible for everything digital and graphic at Ocean College. She has studied literature, culture, art and dance and has traveled extensively during this time. Franziska has also been responsible for the planning of the land program on site in Costa Rica for several years.

Marlene Rottkamp

Marlene supports the Ocean College team in organizational tasks with the experience she gained on her own Ocean College journey in 2022/23. She spent her childhood in London, grew up bilingual and has thus developed a great interest in intercultural exchange. Marlene is currently completing her Abitur at an international school in Berlin.

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