Tuition fees

The total cost for the six-month journey from mid-October to mid-April is €27,000.

The costs are the same for students and watch leaders.

We are continuously trying to find sponsors and foundations for the project in order to lower the price in the long run. We advise all participants to actively work on co-financing the cruise. Directly approaching companies and crowdfunding are good options here.

Payment methods at Ocean College

  1. Down payment in the gross amount of € 6,500 immediately upon receipt of the security certificate (Ocean College, as a professional travel provider, is legally obligated to secure customer funds with so-called insolvency insurance).
  2. Payment in the amount of gross € 6,500 12 weeks prior to the start of the trip
  3. Final payment in the gross amount of € 14,000 seven weeks prior to departure.

Optionally, an installment payment for the remaining €20,500 after the initial down payment can be agreed in six monthly installments for a one-time surcharge of €500. The surcharge is due with the first installment.

To finance the journey with Ocean College you can become active yourself:

Crowdfunding in your own cause! Here you can tell about your desire to participate in Ocean College and ask friends, acquaintances or even strangers to support you via sharing in your social networks.

Sound good? Nele and Penelope from the 18/19 trip thought so too. You can watch their crowdfunding videos here:

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