Ocean College

Requirements and Application 2020/21

Start of the Ocean College winter journey: Mid-October 2020

From Europe to Tenerife and Cape Verde, across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean. Costa Rica, Jamaica, Cuba and via the Acores back to Europe on the Pelican of London. Including land projects on the Canaries, Cape Verde, in Central America & on Cuba (rain forest excursions, living in host families, learning Spanish, coffee and sugar cane harvest and much more)!

Application Process

We receive your application.
After a first selection we invite you and your parents to a personal meeting. Here all open questions will be discussed together.
After this meeting we will contact you with an invitation for the preparatory weekend in early summer 2020.
After the preparation weekend your final registration for the journey 2020 will take place.


  • As a student, to take part in the October 2020 trip, you should be at least 15 years old at the start of the journey. Gap year students should not be more than 20 years old
  • Curiosity and interest in other countries, cultures and people
  • Previous knowledge in sailing ist not required


  • Letter of motivation: Why do you want to travel with us at Ocean College? What are your expectations for us and the journey? What can you bring to the ship with your personality, skills and talents? The aim of the letter of motivation, is not only for us to get to know you, but also to know that you’ve thoroughly thought through your reasoning and will to be on this trip
  • Please include which of the PATHWAYS you would like to follow and why in your motivational letter
  • School certificate: Please send us the last testimony / certificate that you received from your school

Next step: Contact us if you have questions or  apply now!