School on the ship

Our focus is on hands-on learning in the context of the current location. This allows the young people to develop an intrinsic motivation towards the learning content.

The rotating system of watch, galley duty, clean ship and school provides small groups in which highly individualized instruction can take place. Specific learning plans integrate key content from the schools back home.

In addition, the ship itself provides many opportunities for vivid and tangible or relevant content.

Nautical training

The nautical training during the watch includes steering, setting sails, chart entries, navigation with the sextant among other things, safety rounds as well as minor maintenance and control work.

The students take on more and more responsibility for the ship as the voyage progresses. The ship handover on the last leg allows them to work in their desired positions such as captain, officer or engineer, while the crew continues to support them as needed.


Ocean College offers in-depth modules in ECONOMICS, SCIENCE and MEDIA. Each participant chooses a Pathway and explores a selected research topic. Pathways include project work, presentation, and a final essay. By selecting a Pathway, there is an opportunity to focus on a specific topic and delve deeper into the issues and challenges of that subject area.

Study book

The Study Book is a calendar, travel companion and coaching tool developed by Ocean College. It maps the complete journey, introduces the ships, provides plenty of space for planning learning tasks, taking notes, and collecting ideas and reminders. Additionally, it includes questions for self-reflection, self-organization, and feedback discussions.

At the end of the book, there is a Trainee Record section where participants can document their learning progress in nautical training.


We believe that the central questions of young people are elementary for a clear self-image and should be part of any modern education.

Who am I?
What can I do?
What do I want?

We want to embark on a search for answers together with young people in an intensive environment:

First, through regular and structured feedback sessions, we facilitate an individual development space to identify one’s strengths and apply them directly in the board community.

Secondly, our study book, which is adapted to the voyage, contains many opportunities for reflection to consciously perceive the time on board.

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