Pelican of London

Welcome aboard the “Pelican of London” – as the only ‘mainmast barquentine’ in the world, she is specially built and equipped for worldwide cruising with youngsters. The rigging of the Pelican is based on medieval Arabian pirate ships and allows sailing about 20° higher on the wind than other square riggers. The “Pelican of London” offers adventurers of all ages an extraordinary experience. On this fascinating Atlantic voyage, 36 students can experience unforgettable moments on board, in addition to the crew and teachers.

Current position Pelican of London

Crew & Participants 23/24

Participants 23/24 Pelican of London

Watchleaders 23/24 Pelican of London

Teachers 23/24 Pelican of London

Ship’s crew 23/24 Pelican of London

Travel blog Pelican of London 2023-2024

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