Our fleet

Pelican of London

The Pelican is the only ‘mainmast barquentine’ in the world and is specially built and equipped for worldwide sailing with young people. She complies with all safety regulations and was overhauled in winter 2017. The rigging of the Pelican is based on medieval Arabian pirate ships and therefore the ship can sail about 20° higher on the wind than other square riggers.

The Pelican is owned by the non-profit organization Seasyourfuture. The organization was founded with the aim of bringing young people closer to life and work at sea.

Regina Maris

The “Regina Maris” is a schooner and has often been used for youth cruises on the Atlantic. She underwent a thorough refit in the summer of 2023 and is considered very seaworthy and fast. The ship was built for North Sea fishing and was converted to a three-masted schooner in 1990.

Fridtjof Nansen

The Fridtjof Nansen was built in March 1919 at Kalundborg Skibsværft as a cargo gaff schooner with auxiliary engine. In 1922 she was bought by the shipping company P. F. Cleeman in Aabenraa (Denmark), for whom she sailed under the name Frederik Fischer.

In 1927 the ship came to Germany. Under the new owner and captain M. P. F. Leistikow it received the name Gertrud II with home port Arnis. Leistikow sold the ship to Captain H. F. P. Morgenroth in 1934.

Currently the ship is under reconstruction in England.

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