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Ocean College: Beyond school.

Hands-on, experiential and forward-thinking – Discover an educational journey with Ocean College that realizes a learning environment beyond the traditional school.

Selected reports about Ocean College from the press and media:

About Ocean College:

Ocean College organizes a pioneering educational voyage of more than 14,000 nautical miles that focuses on practicality and resilience for participating youth.

We believe that education is best delivered through hands-on experience and direct connection to reality. That’s why we developed Ocean College, which gives young people the opportunity to push themselves to their limits and beyond while gaining educationally relevant experience. Aboard our specially equipped vessels, they become part of an active educational and personal process that enables learning in real-life situations, thereby fostering understanding and enthusiasm for various topics.

Experience learning in a new way:

Our participant:s have the chance to put theory directly into practice. During our six-month sailing expedition, they are involved in environmental workshops and projects that enhance their skills and knowledge. They learn from teachers, dedicated crew members and experts, and interact with local people during shore programs to develop a deep understanding of how their school content relates to real life.

Results of our approach:

Ocean College has already inspired hundreds of young people to unleash their potential and discover their passion for ocean conservation and a sustainable future since 2017. Through our hands-on educational approach, participating youth have the opportunity to become proactive shapers who address the challenges of our time. Their experiences are impressive and demonstrate the positive impact our educational program has on personal development and society.

Press Contact:

For more information about Ocean College or to arrange interviews with our participants:in, crew members or staff:in, please feel free to contact us. Please contact:

Franziska Müller
Head of Marketing
0176 612 550 05
f.mueller [at] oceancollege.eu

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