Taking Care

Date: 29.10.2023
Position: Sharpness Dry Docks
Nautische Position: 51°71.671 N, 2°47.314W
Etmal: 0
Ship: Pelican of London

Teilnehmer:innen von Ocean College umarmen sich


Taking care is a significant aspect on the ship. Not only does the professional crew have to take care of us to ensure a pleasant journey, but we also have to take care of them and, most importantly, each other. Since day one of this journey, this has been the rule we’ve been living by. We believe that in one week of getting to know everybody, we have taken good care of everyone.

To emphasize the importance of this task: If one person isn’t cared for and feels lonely, it will affect the mood and concerns of everyone else on the ship. This is extremely important right now because we are all waiting for the weather to change so we can finally start our sailing journey. The delay is affecting our energy and patience.

Happy Hour

For the past week, one of the important tasks has been keeping the ship clean and tidy. This applies not only to our own bunks but also to the entire ship. In the words of the crew, “We take care of the ship, and the ship takes care of us.” As we have been doing heads & showers for the past couple of days, we had a so-called Happy Hour today.

During Happy Hour, every watch is assigned a specific task to accomplish. We cleaned the entire ship, including every floor, every wall, every door, everything we touched, the entire deck, the galley, and, of course, heads & showers as usual. Cleaning everything was exhausting, but it was also quite enjoyable. Now, we have to clean the messroom floor and the lower alleyway every day during the watch from 20:00 to 22:00 and during the watch from 06:00 to 08:00, we need to clean the points of contact, which means everything we touch.


While we are responsible for taking care of everyone around us, it’s essential to look after ourselves as well. For our self-care, the crew always suggests that we eat and sleep enough to avoid feeling unwell or getting sick. Our teachers also aim to provide a program that allows us to move and spend time outdoors.

We went on an excursion to Berkeley Castle. It took us about 2 hours to get there, and on our way, we passed through fields, mud, and the village of Berkeley. At the castle, we had a guided tour, and it was interesting. Afterward, we walked back, and this time it only took us 1.5 hours to return home. We are all quite tired now and won’t stay up for long so that we can get enough sleep and be fit for the following day.

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