The ships

The project ships of Ocean College are the “Pelican of London”, the “Fridtjof Nansen” and the “Regina Maris”. The “Pelican of London” is the only “Mainmast Barquentine” in the world and is specially built and equipped for worldwide sailing with young people. The “Fridtjof Nansen” is a three-masted tall ship schooner with a broad jib …

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Each student will receive a detailed packing list sufficiently in advance. This list must be followed, as the storage space on board is limited. No suitcases can be brought on board, only travel bags or duffle bags. The oilskins (sailing clothes) and the teamwear are included in the price of the trip.

Can the ships be reached in an emergency?

The ships are equipped with modern communication technologies and can be reached via satellite telephone even on the high seas, as well as being precisely located by various services. For this purpose we use the software “Yellowbrick”, which is also integrated in the homepage. Near the coast the ships can also be found with “Vesselfinder”.

How are the participants accommodated on board?

Accommodation is in multi-bed chambers with a maximum of six bunks. Girls and boys are accommodated in separate chambers. The ships’ sanitary facilities include flush toilets and showers. The showers can be used sparingly on the high seas due to water consumption. A washing machine and dryer are available in calm seas.

What about seasickness?

Seasickness is part of seafaring. Even experienced seafarers can get seasick every now and then. Seasickness refers to symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nausea and vomiting. This illness results from a temporary disturbance of the sense of balance caused by the swaying ship. However, seasickness is not a permanent condition. Nevertheless, there are some rules …

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Who is responsible for the school leave?

Participating students must be granted leave of absence by their parents in consultation with their home schools for the duration of the trip. A confirmation of participation will be gladly issued after a successful application.


Each student will receive the following certificates at the end of the trip: The curriculum is carried out at grammar school level in order to be able to accept students from any type of school.

Disciplinary measures

Prior to the voyage, the project team, in close coordination with the ship’s crew, establishes clear rules for behavior on board and for dealing with each other, and communicates them to the students. These general rules for living together are for the most part signed together with the contract before the trip. The students elect …

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