What is taught and how?

We expand and improve our onboard curriculum with each voyage, which we are happy to forward after a successful application. During the voyage, we teach the subjects mathematics, English, German, physics, biology, chemistry, history, geography and Spanish on board. In doing so, we respond to the needs of the students: Immediately after the start of the trip, the teachers create an individual learning plan.

In this way, we want to ensure that the students can return to their class groups after participating in Ocean College and complete the school year as usual. In this respect, we have been able to achieve very good results on previous voyages.
The rotating system of watch, forecastle, clean ship and school enables us to teach in small groups with a maximum of 15 students. This enables us to provide very intensive and individual support.

Each student receives four hours of instruction each day, including Saturday.
Some topics are worked on in project or module form to suit the circumstances of the itinerary. The combination of theory and practice and the integration of the place or ship are always a priority.
Few examples are:

Course determination with sextant and mathematical formulas

Physics of sailing

Dissection of fish

Theme of volcanism during a volcano hike

The discovery of America by Columbus as a theme during the Atlantic crossing

The Cuban Missile Crisis and communism before visiting Cuba

English as board language

Indigenous culture in the jungle in Costa Rica in contact with indigenous people

Trade and fair trade during the coffee harvest on a coffee farm

Even with this small selection, it becomes clear that interdisciplinary teaching is often a matter of course at Ocean College.

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