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Tea Day

Date: 01.11.2023
Location: Calais, Harbor
Etmal: 184 nm
Ship: Regina Maris

The other day during a normal, quite average dinner, well, just as normal as any dinner on the Regina Maris can be, we stumbled upon the question of what time of day tea, kept in a thermos flask, has the best drinking temperature.

So now you might be a bit confused as to how we came upon that question, as it isn’t really something you discuss over a plate of couscous. Let us set the scene for you:

A normal dinner on the Regina Maris:

Luis pouring himself a cup of tea from a thermos flask that has been standing since lunch: “Mhhh, I think the tea is going to be way too hot to drink.” He continued to add a small splash of water to cool it down. “Oh sh*t, now it’s way too cold” (making a sad face).

Lilia, at the same time sitting next to Luis: “I think the tea is at a perfect drinking temperature right now.” Lilia continued to drink the tea without adding anything to cool it, and it turned out to be the perfect mix between hot and cold.

Luis turning his head to Lilia: “I really regret adding the water. I thought it would be perfect; now it’s just way too cold. It wasn’t even standing that long.” Luis continued to drink his cold tea.

And that, dear readers, is how we came to the burning question: At what time of day does tea have the best drinking temperature when kept in a thermos flask?

Our hypothesis is as follows:

We think that drinking the tea midday will be the best-tempered because it had enough time to cool.


We asked four different people, including teachers, fellow students, and crew members, about their opinion on the temperature and to rate it on a scale from one to ten. We both tried it alongside them and rated it as well.

TimeLila und LuisaFour random people
0800 am3/106,6/10
0100 pm4/10 7,5/10 
0700 pm9,5/107,2/10

Our own opinion:

We personally think that the tea had the best drinking temperature at around 07:00 pm. The tea wasn’t too hot nor too cold. It wasn’t a perfect ten because for it to have been perfect, it would have needed to be a little bit warmer. In conclusion, our hypothesis was proven false; we found the tea too hot at 01:00 pm because the thermos flask kept the tea warmer than expected.


To conclude, most people prefer their tea quite warm and the best time for drinking it if kept in a thermos flask appears to be around 01:00 pm. It also appears that both of us are the odd ones out, as we both prefer the tea to be colder than those interviewed. So, if you ever need to serve a stranger tea, fill up your thermos flask at around 08:00 am and let it sit for around five hours.
We sincerely hope that you take our advice to heart and enjoy a nice cup of tea tonight. Lots of love from some random harbor in France.

Yours truly, Luis and Lilia.


Andrea: Liebes Mami, viel Spaß in Sizilien. Genieß’ die Sonne. Und drück’ Livia von mir.

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The walking Dead – Seasickness

Date: October 30th 2023
Authors: Kris, Justus
Location: English Channel
Etmal: 184 nm

Today, nearly everyone experienced seasickness, even though we only had tiny waves of 1 – 1.5 meters (the crew had a great time laughing at us). Most people were spread out over the deck, lying down and getting sick, and those who were feeling alright had to run around taking care of everyone by bringing them water and bread as well as sailing the ship. This led to some people doing watch for 10 hours while others slept.

Perspective of a non-sick person (Justus):

Once we left Scheveningen harbor early this morning, the waves hit us quickly and some people started to feel dizzy. Myself and some others of the Charlie watch decided to hit the bunks before the waves hit us. Once we woke up for lunch and went up to check on the situation, we saw that there were already a lot of people getting sick and decided to lend a hand to the Bravo watch, who had most of their students knocked down with seasickness. We were given duties like setting the schooner, keeping a lookout, steering the ship, and when we had a free hand, looking after everyone who needed something. After carrying on throughout the day without a proper break, we started to bring people down to the Messroom or their cabins to enable them to get some sleep. The wind and waves calmed down overnight, which enabled all of us to get some sleep, and only a few had rare throw-ups.

Perspective of a seasick person (Kris):

I was one of the majority of people who got seasick. Some got hit by seasickness really hard, and others were luckier and felt okay or didn’t get seasick at all. Unfortunately, I was one of the people who got quite strongly seasick. There were people who were even more seasick, but I can only write about my own experience.

In the morning, everything looked fine…

In the morning, I was really excited but had respect for the waves and wind. The first half-hour was surprisingly fun for me. I stood on the foredeck with Luisa and Aurelius and watched the waves and had fun with the rolling of the ship.

…but then the seasickness hit

But then slowly, the seasickness hit me. At first, it wasn’t that hard, and I just didn’t feel that well and was a bit dizzy, so I sat down and looked at the horizon. That is supposed to help, but for me, it didn’t. As time passed, I saw a few people getting up and hanging over the railing, and after about 15 minutes after the sickness began, it was my turn to throw up for the first time. It was really disgusting, but fortunately, Luisa and Johanna were helping the people experiencing seasickness. They gave me water and stood next to me for emotional support. When you are seasick and throw up, you have like 10 minutes afterward where you feel slightly better. I used this time to try and drink some water as well as eat something. It is really important to drink and eat enough so you have enough energy to keep going. Everybody who was seasick now has figured out a way to reduce the sickness or at least deal with it. For me, the best way to reduce and overcome seasickness is lying down and sleeping.

Watch when seasick

When I had a watch at 1 pm, I got on the poop deck and instantly lay down. There wasn’t enough space on the benches, so I just lay on the floor. I figured out that the best position to lie is close to the middle of the ship and also athwartships. When you thought that the day couldn’t get worse… it can. It was not only wavy, it was also freezing cold. The problem is that I couldn’t go inside and get something warmer because underdeck, seasickness feels even worse. So I just lay down on the freezing floor for 4 hours. You could always see people getting up to puke and others helping the sick ones. Fortunately for me, I only had to puke one more time on my watch and also had like 10 minutes where I was feeling quite good and could stand up. At this point, I really want to thank a few people who didn’t have a watch but took over our watch because almost everyone from my watch (Bravo Watch) was seasick and lying on the floor. So thank you, Adrian, Joshua, Jule, Justus, Onno, Mattis, Aurelia, Max, and Tobias for taking over our watch. I also want to thank everyone who helped the seasick people in general, like Franka, Luis, Luisa, Max, and Mats.

Sleeping with seasickness

I was really glad when my watch finally ended at 5 pm and went to bed. But as already mentioned, seasickness gets worse when you are underdeck. So Lenara and I decided to sleep in the Messroom, as well as a few other people. We got down and tried to get out of our jackets, trousers, and life vests as quickly as possible. As I was getting undressed, I felt the sickness getting worse and rushed to one of the benches, where I lay down. Lenara wasn’t that sick, so she grabbed a bucket (just in case) and a pillow. We lay down and tried to overcome the seasickness. After some time, Lizzy (Elisabeth) and Aurelia came to us with some Zwieback and some water. That really helped me a lot. After that, I just tried to eat some soup and get some sleep. The Messroom is not a quiet place to sleep because you always hear someone going around or puking into a bucket. Still, I managed to get a bit of sleep until my next watch. The next watch was technically on the next day, but for me, it still counts as the same day. The sleep really helped, so the night watch wasn’t that bad. Some still had to throw up, but the majority was feeling alright except for the freezing cold weather. Luckily, we saw a beautiful night sky which made us all very excited for the Atlantic crossing. In the morning, most of us were quite alright and not really seasick anymore. Just really, really tired.

Puke Count:

Onno 0
Max 0
Emma 1
Mascha 1
Greta 2
Jonna 2
Kris 2
Mattis 3
Lasse 3
Lenara 4
Samuel 6
Luis 7
Margaux 7
Anna 8
Isabel 9
Sanja 27
Darja 1
Ella 4
Jane 5
Leopold 0
Andrea 2
Jule 0
Joshua 0
Adrian 0
Lilia 8
Franka 0
Luisa 0
Wilma 3
Stella 3
Julius 2
Tobias 0


Lenara: Papa – You were right; I really didn’t know what seasickness is. Love

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Knot interested?

Date: 28.10.2023
Position: Scheveningen, Harbour
Etmal: 27 NM (total distance)
Schip: Regina Maris

We are still stuck in Scheveningen because of the brutal winds in the English Channel that even blow against us. So we used the spare time for a couple of lessons in seamanship. The ones who couldn’t climb up yesterday got the chance to do it today. Marie and Ben gave a lesson about splicing and Mathieu taught us how to tie the bowline, sheet bend, figure of eight, round turn & two half hitches, clove hitch and the reef knot. For those who wondered why they are even here 😉 Mathieu showed them the hangman’s knot in the mess room. To make this daily report a bit more interactive we thought that we will teach some of them to you.


The bowline is one of the most important knots on a ship. To tie the knot, follow these steps:

  1. Make a loop.
  2. Take one end of the rope and
    put it through the loop, coming
    from the back.
  3. Around the rope and back into
    the loop.
  4. At the end, pull at the rope on the
    positions which are marked

There are two sentences that can help you to understand the instructions better, which are:

1: You form a lake, a snake comes out of the lake and goes to a tree. Then it sees you and gets scared due to your ugliness, turns around the tree and goes back into the lake.

2: You open a bar, a man comes out of it, running to a tree and behind (around) it, vomits and returns to the bar.

We believe the other knots are easy to learn if you follow the pictures that are attached, because it´s an easy step by step tutorial.

Sheet bend:
Figure of eight:
Round turn & two half hitches:
Clove hitch:
Reef knot:
Hangman´s knot:

Before you get any wrong ideas, we wont be explaining how to tie the hangman´s knot.

We didn’t spend the whole day tying knots, we also listened to Max, who had his presentation about “Techniken der Videodokumentation auf Reisen – Was macht einen guten Videotagesbericht aus?”. After the presentation had ended, we joined our “groups of interest”, which were as following: arts, sports, dance, music and fishing.

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Sleeping, Cleaning, Killing

Date: 26th of October 2023
Position: Scheveningen, Port
Etmal: 27nm
Ship: Regina Maris

Attention: Killers running around

At 10 o’clock sharp, the big game started. At every corner, we now fear a killer waiting for us. Yesterday, each of us picked a name of the person we have to kill, an object we have to hand that person in order to kill him/her and a place where we have to hand the object over. An example from the last year: Someone had to hand a hairdryer to the cook, who obviously does not climb on the mast. (Don’t worry, we are not going to give any accurate examples 😉

We don’t know who is dead yet, but we are eagerly awaiting the winner 🙂

Just another deep clean…

Before the game started, though, we learned the difference between cleaning and deep cleaning. We had to get the sand away, which, as you can imagine, hides in every corner of the ship. Additionally, we had to tidy up and clean our cabins to get a free shore leave. Luckily, we all managed.

Our favorite: Free shore leave 🙂

From 3-7 pm, we had free shore leave and we split up into different groups. One group decided to visit the famous Christmas shopping place we discovered two days ago. They also made a short visit to the beach and ate some fries due to “starving.” (That’s what they told us at least)

Another group went running 6 km. I think the opinions on that run are very different according to who we ask, but generally, it was really refreshing to do sports again and to be able to move more than just 48m, up and down the ship. We also discovered an enormous guitar store; it was great!

The most important thing on board: SLEEP

In the afternoon, we interviewed a few people about how they feel about the current sleeping situation, and as you can imagine, it is kind of hard to get sleep when we have night watches. Here are the results:

Stella: She gets enough sleep when she is not on duty, and the worst watch according to her is 4-6 am. But still, she is emotionally less tired than at home.

Julius: He likes the 0-2 am watch the best, and he thinks watch is really fun, also because there is always something happening in the harbor. According to him, the 2-4 am watch is the worst because of the short sleeping periods.

Kris: In the morning, she is really tired, but it gets better during the day. The best watch is 6-8 am because you get to wake people up (haha), and you get to sleep through the night.

Jane (Watchleader): She is not tired at all and has the perfect amount of energy for the whole day. (No wonder until now she was lucky not to be scheduled for harbor watch) 😉

We asked Mathieu (our 1st mate) about his experience with night watches and he gave us some tips and insights: He really likes night watches because they are cozy, and the captain is not awake 😉 The 1-5 am watch is really lucky because they get to have picnics and hot chocolate. And there may be a sneaky night party as well 🙂 Generally, if you want to have a good night’s sleep, even if you have a watch, you should go to bed early, get at least 8 hours of sleep, and do a lot of napping. (By the way, he randomly started singing the tips when we asked for advice)

From us (Franka and Emma): Well, we now know, to use every single minute to sleep! The funny thing is that through the interviews we found out that people may be physically very tired but emotionally less so than at home. Since we didn’t really start to sail yet, the sleeping situation is not too bad, but we’re sure that there is going to be an update very soon… 🙂

Students sleeping in the messroom.

Party time!!!

You must be wondering how we got this motivated to actually clean everything. Well, the secret is a little reward we are very much looking forward to 🙂 In the Messroom, we have tons of sodas, chips, and sweets for the party tonight just waiting to be eaten by us 🙂

Greetings home:

Von Emma: Liebe Grüße nach Hause, hab’ euch alle dolle lieb 🙂 <3

Von Franka: Liebe Grüße an meine liebe Familie und die liebe Elisa, ich hab’ euch alle lieb 🙂

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The first day on Regina Maris

Date: 22 October 2023
Authors: Andrea, Aurelius
Position: Amsterdam, Harbour
Geographical Position: Harbour, Amsterdam
Etmal: 0

Verfassen des ersten Tagesberichts

The first morning

The first night and watches are over. Some slept very well, but those who slept under the windows got wet because of the condensation water. Welcome on a sailing boat! 🙂 You even get wet in your own bed.

We were having breakfast when suddenly the alarm started. We left our stuff where it was and went outside, but we all stayed calm because we guessed it was just for training (the teachers and the crew stayed calm too and thus gave it all away). We gathered in front of the ship and checked if everyone from the student crew is there. We counted from 1 to 36. And yes, this took a while. We needed about 4 tries until we got it in order and everyone had a number. We will keep the number we got for the rest of our journey.

Sails – the sausages of the mast

Because we are on a sailing ship, we need the sails. There were none on the mast, but where were they? They were stored in rolls in the front and back of the Regina Maris. To label them, we carried the sails to the port and unfolded them. It looked quite funny with all the triangles of sails on the floor. When we or the sailing crew knew which sails are which, we rolled them back up into “sausages.” The sausages were carried back on the ship because we need them for leaving Amsterdam and hopefully coming back too. 🙂

Special guests

From 10 a.m., the gangway was open for the crew of the Pelican of London. The Pelican couldn’t make it to Amsterdam due to an engine problem. We welcomed the excited students and their families. We gave them room tours through the Regina Maris. Because we were busy with seamanship, the crew and even the captain gave some tours by himself.

Seamanship and training

The sausages now wanted to be put up and not just left on the floor. Once the sails were put into the right places, we needed to attach them so they wouldn’t be blown away by the wind. We were almost finished when we realized that our rope was too short. But what could we do? We couldn’t just leave it unfinished. Our lovely tutor gave us the simple answer: open it again and redo it. We exchanged the ropes, and now, like a wonder, it worked out perfectly, and we had enough rope for the whole attachment. But we had a lot of fun and even heard Christmas songs already.

When the bus for the Pelican left at 4 p.m., it wasn’t free time. We trained our numbers, and again, it took three tries. But in a few days, we will know all our numbers by heart. Because our departure from Amsterdam is in the next days, we need to practice our roping skills.

After a successful first day, we are all tired but happy and looking forward to what the next days might bring.


Julius: Happy Birthday Mama.

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